EasyBreezy is a life one that is a spark and aqua type

Stats: Edit

Stat Stat Amount
HP 185
ATK 175
DEF 120
SP.DEF 150
SP.ATK 160
SPD 150
Total 940

Moves Edit





Ability Description


100 Nothing Destroys reality

and puts the damage on opponent

Reality Check 10 Scares


Slaps the opponent on the

back of the head. Opponent may flinch

Back Stabber 85 Nothing Uses claws to stab right in the back

and leaves marks

Other Info Edit

Height: 5:7

Weight 260 Pounds

Walks on 4 legs, rarely stands up on 2 legs, but its able to walk on 2 legs

You'll often find this Lifone in the water, or around power plants or other sources of electricity,

Ability: Recharge, If this Lifone is low on health, it can recharge from nearby electric sources

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