Shadecat is a Shadow-type Lifone made by Walrus55.

Appearance Edit

Shadecat looks like human's shadow, with some cat-like details, such as ears, head's shape and tail. It's body is so dark, that it can be seen only as a shadow. It's eyes are glowing as white on it's shadow-like body, and it has thin leather armors on it's body and head. Shadecat also has a golden boots, and it uses a spear in fights.

Moveset Edit

Move Effect Description
Spear sting Deals 30 damage and decreases opponent's speed at 2,6%. "Have you seen my weapon yet?"
Shadowstorm Deals 65 damage to the opponent, and heals all on-fight Shadow-Lifones' health with 5%. "Boom! It's raining shadow balls!"
Ninja practice Increases speed with 7%. "You should practice your martial arts skills daily!"
Flirting look Decreases opponent's attack and defense with 19%. You can do it only once to one opponent. "Even the toughest warrior can have the most flirting look ever!"