Starbeast is a Lifone. It is a Spark Type, which resembles a small bear (not a cub) with a stars on its cheeks.

This little creature was originally found during the aftermath of an experiment PEDA was working on. They claim to have nothing to do with it. It's generally a weak, evolveless, and helpless Lifone, thought, there are lots of them. LOTS of them.

FFF's Creations

Starbeast's StatsEdit

Stat Stat Amount
HP. 200
ATK. 75
DEF. 80
SPD. 65


Move Name Move Damage Icon Ability Description
Punch 35
Nothing "A punch to your...weak spot?"
Sparking Lights 25
Hits multiple targets by chance. "Zap! Zap! And finally, Zap!


Lowers accuracy by 20% "Oh my god, that is so cute! Why would you hurt it?"

Regional AreasEdit


Stabeasts are very common is Forests, and especially the more grassy areas, but they rarely appear in areas close to civilization.

Snowy ForestsEdit

These Lifones don't appear as much in them, but it's on an uncommon rarity to find them here.


Height:3"6 to 3"9

Weight: 16.5 Pounds

Structure: Bear

Type: Spark


Height: 3"6 to 4"2

Weight: 41 Pounds

Structure: A Bear with the an Engine that connects with its organs through a strange material that crosses between Flesh and Metal, based on Fossilization.


  • This Lifone was partially inspired from Pikachu from Pokemon.
  • The design originally a Concept for a mascot for a franchise called "E-Monsters" that never made it through the concept phase.
  • Starbeast's concept of Fossilization being involved revolves around the concept of remains slowly, over time, turning to metals.