Tapshell is a Lifone. It is Spark type. It is a bullet form and evolves into Clappyshell then to Buljot.

Tapshell is the 1st Lifone created.

Stats: Edit

Stat Stat Amount
HP. 245
ATK. 135
DEF. 85
SPD. 200

Moves: Edit

Move Name Move Damage Icon Ability Description
Bullet Punch 40 Nothing
Speed Bullet 25 Stuns the oppenent for a few seconds.
Lightning Spark 45 Has the chance to electrifies the oppenent dealing twice as much damage.
Cannon 50 Stuns the oppenent for a few seconds.

Regional Area: Edit

Science Labs Edit

This is a common place to find about more than half of the Tapshells here because they are used for testing and upgarding.

Canyons Edit

This is a place to find them where they have space to bullet around.

Info: Edit

Height: 1'02 inches

Weight: 18.5 lbs

Structure: Bullet

Type: Spark

Mechanicalised: Edit

Height: 3'08 inches

Weight: 56.3 lbs

Structure: Bullet with robot legs